I just updated my shop to hopefully get you guys more cool stuff, and also make things easier on myself.

From now on, my personal shop will carry only exclusive items like drawings, specials tees, stickers, and other things. Everything else will be on Society6 or Gumroad. In the future, I may try and branch out into other shops, but for now I’m trying to keep it simple.

THANKS EVERYONE and I promise I’ll stop spamming with links now.

The people spoke and Paperbeatsscissors listened. Or at least pretended to listen while secretly thinking about food. Either way, there is a WHOLE BUTTLOAD OF NEW CRAP in the PBS store. Prints of bros. Bros of prints. Buy for your mother, your dog, your congressman. Show love, appreciation, disgust, horror. The list is endless, and also tasteless.

ALSO BULLETIN: People living in Not-merica, buy more than one item and save yourself a few bucks on shipping! Use that money you saved to build a tiny city made entirely out of pennies! Or shillings or tuppence or whatever you have.